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Continious rooflights

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Contact person
Krzysztof Nosal
Phone: +48 511 818 468

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Angielski, Polski, Rosyjski,

Description of the contract

- The use of continuous rooflights allows to reduce the need for artificial lighting and thus greatly reduces the electricity bills.
- Continuous rooflights can be equipped with a ventilation flap providing natural ventilation of facilities.
- They are widely used in large-scale facilities, i.e., production halls, logistics centres, warehouses, sports facilities, high-rise warehouses, and shopping centres.
- Continuous rooflights can be equipped with a smoke vent for smoke extraction.
- They can be made in two variants: triangular or arched.

Supplementary information

The upstand of a continuous rooflight:
The upstand is made of galvanised steel sheet 1.5 mm – 3 mm thick and 150 mm – 750 mm high. The upstand should be insulated with a layer of mineral wool, polystyrene, or PIR foam 50 mm or 100 mm thick. The upstand is mounted on a constructed supporting structure. Optionally, the base can be made in a self-supporting version with a max. 6 metres row spacing of support points.

Structural and cover aluminium profiles:
The structural profiles, correctly connected together with fasteners, constitute a rigid and light frame in which covers are fixed. Cover profiles are the finishing elements of a continuous rooflight.

Cover of a rooflight :
The cover of a continuous rooflight is made of cellular polycarbonate or cellular polycarbonate combined with a special fabric, owing to which we will receive a product that can be classified into non fire spreading class Broof (t1)/NRO.

Smoke vent or ventilation vent in a continuous rooflight:
The vent in a continuous rooflight is an additional element. The smoke vent is activated with either a 24 V electric drive or a pneumatic drive. Ventilation function will require to supplement the pneumatic drive with an additional 230 V actuator, while the 24 V drive will suffice for both smoke extraction and ventilation. With ventilation function only just one 230 V actuator is used.

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