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We're ready for TechCrunch Disrupt SF!

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Magdalena Zwolińska | 2017-09-15 15:47:35
techcrunch, san francisco, usa, startups

More than 10 companies from Poland will participate in this year's TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. We'll also be there with a Polish stand, offering all the necessary information on the Polish startup scene.

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development is going to organize a promotion stand, where you'll be able to learn more about the ICT and startup sector in Poland as well as innovative products and services offered by our country.



The following Polish companies will be present at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco:


Black Pearls VC is a venture capital firm focusing on Life Quality Technologies to improve the quality of human life, by addressing most pressing social changes, particularly within the scope of demographics, labour and business.

We look for the best entrepreneurs and scientists who develop and commercialize world-class deep tech & enterprise software, digital healthcare and ITS solutions.

We back entrepreneurs across various stages of development. We usually invest at the seed and early growth level, but we are also interested in exceptional projects in their R&D phase. Our sweet spot are investments between € 100k and € 1m.

Our Team members take part in the US-based Kauffman Fellows programme and we meet Invest Europe standards, being a member of the organization since 2016.




At CallPage we believe that human conversation combined with technology has changed the world of sales, and we helping to speed this up!

CallPage widget helps get 75% more sales calls from clients of your website. Our widget in real time analyzes user behavior on your website. When it recognizes an interested visitors, it offers them a free call back and connects with the company in 28 seconds. It's simple: Extremely fast give a possibility for all companies in the world to provide the immediate callback to their customers in a most convenient way.



Cryptomage Inc. is a dynamic hi-tech ICT company offering services in the cybersecurity area. We deliver high quality solutions both technologically and conceptually.

We have academic roots and hire scientists, cybersecurity experts, software developers and analysts. Our strategy is focused on maintaining the highest skills of our human resources. The Cryptomage team is capable of more than delivering complex solutions; we can improve the whole concept to deliver real added value to our customers.

Currently we deliver our IT services to blue-chip IT integrators and government agencies. Due to our great team having years of experience, we dynamically move forward having the power to adapt and constantly extend our offered services and areas of expertise.



We are a young, fast-growing company whose domain is the implementation of IT projects. As an excellent practitioners, we have accomplished a number of projects and have achieved excellent results and many successes. Our accomplishments, as well as the main specialization, are Java projects, both in terms of backend and frontend. We are looking forward to the new challenges.

We specialize in integration, CRM and debt collection systems. During the project implementation we conduct a careful business analysis. The software itself is created in close cooperation with business representatives. We continually monitor them to meet the expectations and requirements of the target users. We take responsibility for meeting the deadlines and we guarantee the products we manufacture.

The key element of our work is the application of Agile philosophy.​

Need a Programmer, Analyst, Architect, Tester, Project Manager / Scrum Master? Report to us! Out of our resources, we will ideally match experts to the projects you design.

We will prepare for you a team that will work with you professionally. We will make sure the team is complete and has the right structure. Your project will be implemented by a well-knit and well-understood group.

The tasks we perform are performed in a comprehensive way, through the process of creating, implementing and maintaining software. Knowledge and experience has allowed us to recreate dozens of projects, from simple software changes to complex deployment counts in thousands of business days. The high standards we impose on ourselves and the software that comes out of our fingers are important to us.

We will be honored to be able to support your business.

What can we sew for you?




Material management solutions for your construction site

DULY is a cloud-based application for construction trades, designed to simplify day-to-day material management on your busy construction site.

  • Bring order to the normally chaotic process of sourcing materials requested by your construction teams.
  • Save your company money by significantly reducing your purchasing and material management workload.
  • Material management transparency across your entire organization, allowing executives to efficiently monitor project spending.











We have been working with sensor networks and low-power software since 2012. Our engineering team was the first to ship iBeacon-compatible beacons and our designers set the standard for the look and feel of Bluetooth beacons.

We have successfully supported more than 60,000 customers globally, by helping them to prototype, deploy, or scale almost every type of proximity or indoor location application. Fortune 100 companies, the world's most creative agencies, as well as innovative startups choose our reliable and easy-to-develop stack.

Our customers and our vibrant community of 100,000 developers love our products and our iterative approach to the Geo-IoT space. We run fast as a company. We adopt new technologies and ship innovations at an unprecedented pace.

We are a full-stack team of 70+ passionate individuals in San Francisco, New York, and Krakow, Europe. We are committed to this space for the long haul. Our venture is supported by top Silicon Valley investors, who are helping us with our mission to create an operating system for the physical world.




Fibar Group S.A. is a European company that was founded in 2010. After a few years, the FIBARO products are available in more than 100 countries, becoming one of the most advanced wireless smart home systems in the world. The FIBARO system controls not only household appliances, but also lighting, temperature level, blinds, awnings, gates, alarm and monitoring systems. Fibaro allows to manage home environment via computer or telephone application integrating all the devices connected to the system.

Based on past experience, our ambition is to re-define the concept of “home” as a place that actively participates in the life of its inhabitants and comprehensively responds to their changing needs through personalised actions and scenes.

FIBARO is ambitious and bold. We are constantly developing so that before the end of this decade to become the leading provider of building automation solutions in the global market. We are instantly innovative and constant innovation is also our main drive to succeed.

The technology used makes the whole system non-invasive and can be successfully installed without additional concealed wiring. FIBARO is an open system − meaning that it allows you to connect a variety of external devices.

Our ultimate goal is to build a complementary Fibaro system. Our products are a mutually complementary system, creating a network of wireless connections for the sense of control, safety and enjoyment of the household. Our visionary devices are dressed in modern form, resulting in products that are at the same time functional works of art. The modularity and complementarity of the FIBARO System triggers the creativity of our Customers, allowing them to flexibly connect and program the elements, and create their own personalised background of everyday life. In this way FIBARO redefines home.




inFullMobile is an international digital product design & development studio. We are a team of passionate developers, designers, project managers and quality managers - focusing on getting the things done.

Consulting – We benchmark and analyse the strategic and mission critical elements of your business strategy and new products. Because making the right decisions is half the success.

Design & User Experience – Award winning designs, with laser focus on usability. Precision and integrity in every aspect of your applications.

Development – Mobile and backend skills proven at Hackatons and client work. We are passionate about high quality, scalable solutions so you can focus on marketing your product.

Delivery & Maintenance – Projects are carefully planned and smoothly delivered. Bulletproofing is guaranteed by the long term support of the team that built them.




Open Source Ruby on Rails CMS






Nomtek is an app design and development agency founded in 2009 with a track record of numerous applications topping the application store listings. The company creates bespoke mobile applications by evaluating the business aspect of each mobile endeavor and maximizing its potential. We make sure apps not only work, but succeed.

Our philosophy is to approach each project as a potential game-changer in the market. We guide our clients to success and challenge them until their good ideas are ready to become something awesome. This requires us to go a couple of steps further than just mobile development. The customer is guided through series of discovery, design, validation and development phases. After a successful market release we commit to supporting the product’s stability and growth.

As a team we put extra care to achieve shared understanding on values that drive our everyday work. We believe in a craftsman’s ethos and put critical attention to honing our skills without ever falling into the trap of self-assured expertise. We are incessant in trust towards each other and create a highly autonomous environment that enables exceptionally high levels of personal accountability. We insist on a continuous and transparent communication with a solid grain of humor. In all instances we are guided by commitment to a real purpose and refuse to engage into what makes no sense.

We believe that extraordinary results are achieved through going beyond the obvious and finding fresh patterns to innovate. We embark on a journey to constantly blend the world's best sources of wisdom to find ways for crafting digital products that change the game. We partner with our clients to design and develop digital products that make people awesome and represent a viable business.




Promotraffic is an online marketing agency which focuses on increasing highly valuable traffic for its clients’ websites and generating higher sales. We can make your company grow from zero to hero or help you achieve more from what you already have. Our main areas of expertise are: SEO, PPC campaigns on Google and Facebook, Content Marketing and Web Analytics. We plan and execute our actions according to the newest trends and requirements.

In just four years we’ve conducted more than 500 effective advertising campaigns. We are one of the biggest agencies in Cracow, which is the biggest outsourcing center in Poland. We cooperate with various international brands like: Comarch, Bioderma, ABC Data. Our main area of business is the European market.




Our Solutions are helping our Clients to improve Customer Experience on different touchpoints.

Either it’s your video communication or face to face service - our solutions are there to help measure, understand and improve your audience's emotions.




Web service which records users’ activities and behaviors on any site or application. Based on recordings and algorithms equipped with AI detects and predicts IT errors and UX issues smart and automatically.




Simple and browser-based reliable Communication

No other web-based communication tool offer customizable, scalable, flexible and compliant solution on the one platform. The platform enables users to meet face-to-face from any location and provides a wide range of real time communication tools.

RTCLab is browser based audio-video platform utilizing WebRTC technology allowing the platform was built modularly enabling it to respond to any projects needs for widely understood communication in addition to being easily integrated via API making it the perfect technological back-end for any product from any industry.




Talkin’ Things is the leader in delivering smart packaging solutions for IoT. We are the first company in the World that offers NFC based Smart Packaging System which integrates iPhone’s and Android’s users. Our system provides an innovative product communication platform and an effective protection against threats related to a brand. Talkin’ Things was chosen by Kairos Society as one of the top 50 most innovative companies in the World.




UnitDoseOne – a robotic pharmacy which prepares doses of medicines in individual sets for hospital patients.

UnitDoseOne takes care of hospital drugs logistics. The system knows which medicines will be required each day, who and when placed them into our machine, who prescribed what and finally who delivered them to the patient.

Our philosophy – to adapt to the hospital, not the other way around. We’ve designed a trully modular, compact and versatile solution.




Velis was founded in 2009 as a proptech (property technology) company. It focuses on designing innovations across commercial and industrial real estate market. The company designed and rolled out five own cloud platforms and became a trendsetter in the proptech area.

We’re not just a software vendor, but we also design our own IoT controllers and integrate our solutions with smart sensors like RFID, NFC and beacons. All our platforms are designed to serve landlords, property managers, portfolio owners and tenants.

Velis is a particularly active in the EMEA region with more than 400 projects across 12 countries. Our IT solutions are used in office, retail, logistics and industrial properties, totalling more than 8 millions m2 of space. Our platforms that are available under one umbrella brand - Singu - are available in thirteen languages including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

Velis systems focus on delivering added value to tenants and owners through technology innovations. In logistic and industrial properties, the goal is to reduce costs and create competitive advantage. In office buildings Velis’ solutions deliver value for the tenants and prestige for the property. On the retail market, the focus is on process optimization and managing/controlling soft and hard services smoothly. New approach also means innovative mobile solutions, integrated smart sensors, innovative licensing models that fit into commercial and industrial needs.

We have two key ingredients for our success: deep knowledge of the industry best practices and improving those with IT innovations.




Inreasing efficiency and automation of Customer Support

Problem: Call Centers and Customer Support centers have problems with analyzing thousands of hours of recorded conversations. The same with chats and emails.

Solution: VoiceLab technology automatically transcribes and analyzes recordings, chats, emails, thus improving sales and customers service.

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